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Our Services

Audit And Audit Investigation

Our service here is to carry out a critical review of costs and associated revenue in line with accepted standards and guidelines. Through constant interaction with the client we provide information that enhances the value of the report and performance of the organization.

Such services include:

  • Conduct audit interviews, test internal controls, and conduct risk assessment analyses on business unit and account levels.
  • Develop and execute audit tests, and plan audit engagements relative to the adequacy and effectiveness of compliance, internal controls, and risk management.
Assurance Services

Perform audit, review, and agreed-upon-procedure engagements for a wide range of entities and retirement savings plans

  • Perform physical inventory observations in order to evaluate inventory levels and identify potential damage or obsolete inventory
  • Perform testing procedures on cash, fixed assets, accounts receivable, intangible assets, prepaid expenses, accounts payable, deferred revenue, accrued liabilities, revenue, and expenses
  • Research accounting guidance to determine if financial statements are in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  • Maintain effective time management while simultaneously work on several projects/clients
  • Perform detailed tests of transactions for significant account balances
  • Update management on new trend, actively communicate with clients on requests/questions, and research new audit guidance
  • Perform walk-throughs test on financial reporting systems and to identify internal controls that reduce the risk of material misstatement of financial results.
  • Ensure accuracy of supporting schedules and appropriately agree on account balances
  • Utilize detailed analytical procedures to effectively manage operations, income projection and cashflow for sustainable liquidity level.
Business Technology Applications

We assist our Client in handling the entire process of information management through the provision of the following services:

  • Determining and developing the right processes having regards to the peculiar needs of each business environment.
  • Choosing the correct hardware applications that would perfectly accommodate such determined processes.
  • Selecting the right application software that best suits the quality and quantity of information processed.
  • Developing a single Chart of accounts application software, which gives a consistent view at any time.
Complete Risk Consulting

Organizations continue to face control risks arising from widespread computerization of the Accounting function. Inadequate controls trail systems installation, exposing hardware devices and data to various risks. Our computer risk consulting services assist organizations to install controls that would secure the computer environment.

Such services include:

  • Assessing IT based business risks
  • Developing and installing computer risk management software
  • Review the efficiency of existing IT environment and management
  • Analyzing input data for correctness and relevance to IT requirements.
  • Carrying out an information systems audit.
Financial Consulting And Advisory Services

Activities of an organization need to be structured to attain a desired level of measurable performance that creates value and sustains long term profitability. Our services here are tailored to enhance the processes and procedures, as well as the application of quantitative techniques to determine the suitability of preferred options for client organisation. Services provided include:

  • Preparation of financial proposals, budgets and cash flows as an aid to the planning process;
  • Carrying out due diligence audit preparatory to disposal or purchase of investment.
  • Undertaking feasibility studies and market research to determine viability of existing or future product lines.
Business Risk Control

All Organizations are faced with various risks that are peculiar to each business environment. The loopholes and inefficiencies created by these risks distract management’s focus from set goals. We provide services that reduce the incidence of risks in an organization by fortifying the Internal Control System.
We achieve this through:

  • Evaluating the internal control system for effectiveness.
  • Reviewing the internal audit function, in line with established internal control procedures
  • Assessing systems and processes to determine compliance with internal control procedures.
  • Designing effective internal control procedure.
  • Training internal audit staff
Taxation: Policies, Appliication And Management

There is the need for organizations to correctly apply tax policies in order to attain desired benefits from operations. We exert our expertise on the interpretation and application of taxation laws on the operations of our client.

We offer the following services:

  • Getting involved at the developmental stage of the production process to minimize indirect tax
  • Advise on best options for acquisition of FIXED ASSETS – leases, outright purchase, – that would give maximal tax advantage.
  • Design a Standard tax policy procedure that regulates expenditures on peculiar operations that attract tax.
  • Undertake VAT registration.
  • Advise on appropriate change of Accounting year that would yield maximum tax benefit.
  • Classification of imports for purposes of customs duty and associated port charges.
  • Restructuring contracts and operations for efficiency in tax management.
  • Handling all tax queries from relevant tax authorities.
Human Capital Management Services

Human capital measures the value of organizations human resources in terms of skill, dedication, motivation and fulfilment of its employees. As a factor critical to an organization’s success (an organization is only as good as its employees), we assist in providing the right calibre of people to manage specialized and general job requirements.

Our services include:

  • Assess an organization’s staff requirement, including critical or specialized job assignment. We provide the qualified people to fit into each job requirement. Conduct job selection for existing vacancies – aptitude test and interviews.
  • Design job selection procedures for all categories of staff.
  • Carry out staff audit.
  • Arrange schemes for staff welfare, development and training.
  • Maintain a database for quality professionals in the industry.
Statutory Requirement Services

Certain information not directly related to the production process need to be managed separately to reduce the amount of distractions faced by the management. This information relates to the legal status of the organizations vis-à-vis the business environment.

We, through our Associate, provide the expertise needed to interpret and implement the operations of the laws guiding the existence and other administrative statutory requirements of an organization.

Specifically, we provide the following services:

  • Incorporation of companies and registration of Business names.
  • Effecting changes in ownership structure or increasing share capital.
  • Taking of minutes of Board Meetings and Annual General Meetings.
  • Keeping all statutory books and other reporting standard of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
  • Dealing with queries on statutory matters from relevant authority
  • Review bank statement transactions inline with Central Bank of Nigeria rate policies/guideline for possible recovery of excess bank charges
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